This project consists of two parts: a magazine which details a photoshoot of a fashion brand called Lyss, and a book titled Some Sunny Day about the two Lyss models and a day in their romance.


With this project I wanted to explore narrative and subtext, each part of the project separating the exploration into different applications.

I was inspired by cross-medium stories and ’fandom’ phenomenons where the spin-offs and fan created content are what adds and makes the original work attractive.

The Summer Catalogue

Lyss is a brand started by Alyss Yuu, an independent designer based in Los Angeles. The business is ran together with Alyss' twin sister Lacie who doubles as a model and spokesperson for the brand.

Some Sunny Day

A short story that encompasses the passing thoughts and feeling of and between the models of the Summer Catalogue. This is about

Lacie and Amelia’s romance.

(In Progress)