The Doctor is In. [Process]

This project is an exploration of smut, born out of my thoughts and struggles with my own Asexuality.


I’ve been an avid reader of queer erotica since my early teens, I’ve always wondered why friends who are also readers of the genre had a particular fondness of smut. I didn’t understand it. I disregarded it as my friends having poor tastes in literature only to find out that there was more to it than a plot device or page filler. Sexual desire is a legitimate feeling that most people experience, prior to that I thought of it as a meme that everyone was in on. Of course I was definitely (not!) in on it too, after all I was a contributor of innuendo jokes; a clue to why I didn’t quite understand this until till I reached my twenties.


Sex or sexuality has always been comedic to me and this is my ode to that. My goal for this project was to combine merchandising and minimalistic storytelling through smutty humor.


Considering the simplistic illustrations of the product,

the storytelling is driven by infographics that are based

on medical-associated items. The main inspiration for this

project are the juxtaposition of the cute and simple to

the complex and informative.

Color System

Medical Blue


C61 M49 Y5 K0

R114 G126 B178

Anatomy Grey


C26 M21 Y21 K0

R189 G189 B189

Parchment Pink


C3 M14 Y10 K0

R239 G220 B216


Hoefler Black

Gotham Book

“I have a sickness in my heart.”

“I have a sickness in my heart.”

“I can make you feel better.”

“I can make you feel better.”

Patient F

He was designed to look as plain as possible yet unique enough to be distinguishable. Patient F, for lack of better terms, is a

clueless idiot. He doesn’t know what’s

wrong with himself! 


Doctor Y

He was designed to look be an older man that has a streak of mid-life crisis in him. Doctor Y is based off drama actors who seem to have it all together.


(In Progress)